Wonder Boy reissued in Lizardcube’s The Dragon’s Trap remake

The Dragon’s Trap is Lizardcube’s action adventure game and reworked from Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap in 1989, which was developed by Westone Bit Entertainment and released by Sega. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap can be experienced on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switches and PC. The Dragon’s Trap was first announced in June 2016, with development starting three years earlier.

The gameplay of The Dragon’s Trap was redesigned from the original Master System code and the entirely new hand-drawn graphics platform, along with the remixing of the music. The soundtrack of the game will now be held by Michael Geyre. The game takes place after the events of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, in which player controls an adventurer who after defeated the Mecha Dragon, has a curse that turns him into a Lizard-Man. In order to return to the human form, he will have to travel all over the continent and defeat all the dragons in the game.

In the same way as the original version, the player explores large lands, defeat enemies to pick up items, like arrows and fireballs, along with money to buy new weapons and armor. During the course of the game, players will receive new animal shapes, and each of them has new abilities to support the adventure. These shapes include Lizard-Man that can flame; Mouse-man that can climb up marked shields; Pirahna-Man that can swim underwater; Lion-Man that can fight with his sword; and Hawk-Man that can fly in the sky.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap retains the original gameplay style of the original game, incorporating a number of new elements such as instant weapon selection, setting password for save game and additional Hard More mode, and allows players to switch back and forth between the modern graphics and sound backgrounds with the outdated 8-bit graphics. In Europe, players will receive a 20% discount on the PlayStation Store.

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