Why is Blade and Soul so attractive to gamers around the world?

In many cases, the manufacturer is not so important as to make a brand a game. But that case is different from Blade and Soul – NCsoft’s game ideas and development. As you know, NCsoft is one of the famous game brand.

Exploiting the virtual martial arts element, Blade and Soul invested by Team Boodlust is almost completed all aspects of a role-playing game.

Let’s see the reason why Blade and Soul becomes an attractive game all around the world.

Attractive idea

Anime is a “specialty” of Japanese culture but this value has been exploited by NCsoft. Besides the developer also applies and creates the new style and characteristics in game while maintaining the spirit of an anime-focused game.

Later, it was Blade and Soul that inspired Japanese filmmakers to make an anime adaptation of the anime that made the chickpea audience and the anime fanatic around the world.

Creative gameplay

According to a representative from the Blade and Soul development team, the gameplay features a “downed” mechanism that allows the player to recover their life. On the other hand, the freedom of choice to create the appearance of characters in game also attract to players.

Now, Blade and Soul becomes more and more popular on the global game marketplace with millions of players.

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