What Remains of Edith Finch – Curse of the Finch family

With an interesting and engaging narrative, What Remains of Edith Finch will bring the gamers into the mysterious story of the Finch family.

What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of simple stories in the life within a fascinating narrative and a captivating voice-over, the game takes the gamers into the story of the Finch family with light, deep experience.

What Remains of Edith Finch is the story of the family of young girl Edith Finch after many years leaving the family, Edith returned to her home where three generations of the Finch family lives to find the memories with her members and the cause of the death called the “Curse of the Finch”. Although the stories in the game are simple, gentle, they sowed in the hearts of players hard feelings about the family.

If you have played Firewatch, you will recognize some similarities in the game. From the first person of view, the player will discover the large Finch family home. The story is guided through the protagonist you control. In fact, the gameplay in What Remains of Edith Finch is much simpler. The player uses mostly R2 / RT and the left analog to control the character moving and performing other actions.

The sound in the game is very impressive, especially when you use headphones. The footsteps on the trail or the waves hit the shore, they are the perfect sound.

With just over two hours, What Remains of Edith Finch will leave players quite a lot of emotions. Short life, birth, and death are only separated by fragile lines.

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