What is Steam? What does Steam do?

What is Steam? What does Steam do? What is Steam Wallet? what is Steam ID? What is Steam software for? Let’s find out!

What is Steam?

Steam is a product released by Valve. If you’ve ever played Half-Life, I believe you will not be surprised at this Valve company.

Steam is the largest online game distribution platform. Coming to Steam you will see countless games sold on it. In other words, Steam is also a trading hub that sells games online. In addition to Steam, there are now other places selling copyrighted games such as Origin, Uplay …. But the numbers are less and not as rich as Steam.

Not only games, Steam also sells software. By November 2015, Steam had more than 12.5 million regular users and over 120 million Steam accounts were created. Not only the game & software selling place, SSteam users can exchange, give each other games, items, create group exchange, make friends, chat… Steam can be considered a social gaming network.

Each individual profile when looking at can predict the level of investment of the game account of that account based on the level of that account. Because you want to have a high level account, you must buy the game, exchange cards to high level.

The advantage of Steam is that when you buy the game here, the Steam will be saved. If your computer has to be reinstalled, just reinstall Steam and select the game you bought and choose to install it again. In addition, the game archives will also be stored on the Cloud. So you do not have to worry about saving save files when reinstalling your computer. However, not all games support this Cloud backup, only Steam Cloud support games will be saved in the Cloud.

What is Steam Wallet?

Steam Wallet is wallet of Steam account. This is where you can precharge money for your account. Same as prepaid phone sim. When to buy a game you just need to buy, because the money is already in your account, as long as enough money can pay.

What is Steam ID?

Steam ID is generated automatically and do not overlap each other. STEAM ID has the form STEAM:x:x:xxx where x is the number. This number is used to identify Steam accounts. Just like the people’s ID card on.

What is Steam Software?

Steam software is a software for people who buy Steam games to download games. Not only to download games, Steam also used to access the Store to buy games here, chat with friends, broadcast live game play process for friends see…

To buy Steam games, you must register an account here:


Buy Steam games, you can pay with Visa, Paypal even with Bitcoin.

Some of the advantages of copyrighted games are as follows:

  • The game is updated regularly.
  • Avoid the potential risks of unauthorized gaming. Because no one is kind enough to have no benefit for themselves.
  • Respect the game’s creators, helping them with their income funds to continue developing the game. You imagine if no one buys a game, then what do they cover the cost of living, continue to grow.
  • Play online game with other players. Because game is not copyrighted, almost all online modes will be disabled to avoid licensing. Therefore, copyrighted games will not be played online with others.

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