Valve will release a card game called Artifact based on Dota 2


Valve has announced that they will be launching a Dota 2 card game called Artifact. In addition to this announcement, they also posted a teaser video, but the short video was only 35 seconds long and we can get nothing from this teaser.

Not much information from the short teaser that Valve posted but at least we know that this game based will be launched next time.

The announcement comes just before the final competition in the second day of The 2017 International.

According Sean “Day9” Plott – the host of The International, players in Artifact will confront each other on maps like in Dota 2’s ones, build camps, make creeps, lane and fight. The characters in the game are also from Dota 2. This game may be launched to compete with Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Prodigy’s CD Gwent, The Elder Scrolls Legends and Fable Fortune of Bethesda. Also, this game might be compared with titles in same category.

It is difficult to image what this game will look like because now only a teaser, a Twitter page and some vague description are announced. Hopefully this game will not disappoint gamers.

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