Ubisoft finally released Beyond Good and Evil 2 after 14 years

The period before Ubisoft was considered as a large game company with the blockbuster of action games like Tom Clancy’s: Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell, and Prince of Persia. And one of Ubisoft’s most impressive works of its day was Beyond Good And Evil, released in 2003.

Inspired by the name of the famous philosopher Friedek Nietzsche, in the game, you play Jade, a mechanic with Pey’j, a pig that speaks human language.

They live on a beautiful planet happily but everything becomes chaotic by the invasion of a brutal race from space called DomZ. This attack only temporarily subsided with the help of Alpha force to protect the planet Hyllis.

Beyond Good and Evil was released in 2003 and Ubisoft, in astonishment and even the tears of so many gamers present at the press conference room E3 2017 introduced the first trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2 after 14 years of the releasing of previous version

In this version, the background is still a fantasy planet, where the races live together, but Michel Ancel, director of the game (and also the father of part 1), said the game would take place at the time before the time in ex-version. It was the time when big corporations created races that combined human and animal DNA and forced them to explore new lands. However, on the ship of the Monkey Space Program, the force where the protagonist of the game participates, there is still a man with looks, eyes and hair similar to Jade.

Of course, at the present time, it is too early to predict any of the games, from the plot, the character to the day of launch. But one thing is certain, Ubisoft, with this surprise, has become the most favorite game company in E3 2017 then!

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