Tunic – A new action-adventure game is coming soon in 2018

In E3 2017 event, a new blockbuster of action-adventure game was announced by developer Andrew Shouldice, which showed off an intrepid fox in a beautiful pixelated world that’s seen from an isometric perspective.

Tunic looks quite like Legend of Zelda or Bastion and stars an adorable seord-wielding fox.

As the images and scenes were shown off in trailer, the experts forecast that Tunic will make a stir in community of gamers when released.

Tunic is slated to release for both Windows PC and Mac. The game is also said to release for consoles, though specific platforms have yet to be specified.

Now, except the details were introduced, very little else is known about the game. The updated information will be given by Likedgame as soon as possible.

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