The Sexy Brutale- A dramatic and fascinating game

The Sexy Brutale is a product from the Lionhead, with compelling content, unique gameplay, and excellent graphics and music.

The Sexy Brutale is a new product of three former developers from Lionhead and MediaTonic. With the contribution of artists from Tequila Works, the development team has built a fascinating story with unique gameplay, revolving around the strange murder in the game.

The gamer plays the priest Lafcadio Boone, waking up in the library of the building. After a conversation with a mysterious character, the player begins to be instructed to manipulate the game. They will soon discover a series of mysterious murder happen here repeatedly in a very confusing time. Victims are the guests of the building and the evil is the server here. The player’s task is to use the time control ability to snoop and rescue these pitiful victims.

Within the first few minutes of the game, the player witnessed the cruel death of the first character. At that time, you cannot do anything but do some kigurumi and wear your cat-themed onesies while seeing all things through the keyhole. Being comfortable while playing this game is the key to truly enjoying it. And just before you know what’s going on, the player has the second chance from the pocket watch to witness the murder again. This is an important gameplay element that you will definitely use many times.

The approach of the game made the players compliment the development team. They create the drama from the beginning, prompting the curiosity and immediately attract the feeling of wanting to experience to learn things from the players. Each crime scene takes place in different areas of the building. From casinos to bars and a variety of locations, they all provide clues for investigators.

Character design in Sexy Brutale has many lovely cartoon characters. Perhaps this is a way for developers to reduce bloody scene in the murder. The interior of the building is impressive in terms of magnificence. The music is equally impressive. The jazz tunes fit very well in the context of the game and change in a very logical way.

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