The Secret World is coming back and free for all players

The Secret World is coming back with new form. According to Funcom publisher, this game will react on 26th June this year with new title Secret World Legends on Steam.

Secret World Legends will follow method free-to-play, which Funcom described as a reboot version of The Secret World released in 2012.

Funcom also ensured that Secret World Legends was not only renamed but also redesigned the combat system to bring gamers the most natural scenes. Besides, the graphic in game was also edited and added new improvements and updating. The mission system is also a factor updated to be more seamless.

In the world of Secret world Legends, gamers need to struggle against enemies that own supernatural powers and the gamers are main characters in a fiction story in context of world perdition. There are various weapons with different usages for you in every fight. Players will combat against with the monstrous giants in human history like werewolf, demons or zombie, etc.

Different from many other MMORPG, all attacking blows in Secret World Legends have no pause, which makes all the scenes in game more speedy and flexible.

Another outstanding difference of Secret World Legends is feature of updating character throughout gears. And the exp can be used to buy skills as well as stronger weapon.

If you are interested in this game, you can get more information on Steam or official website of this game.

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