The popular screen recorders for gamers

Screen recorder allows gamers to record the memorable scene when they experiencing in game. Now there is various software which supports players save the memory in game but in this post, we will see the most popular screen recorders for all gamers.

There are 4 aspects to rank a screen recorder as interface, feature, performance and output image.

  1. Fraps

Fraps is one of the first screen recorders. It has an intuitive interface with 4 tabs General (information of edition), FPS, Movies (recording features) and Screenshot.

At the tabs in Fraps, you can adjust the parameters for displaying FPS, format, storage, etc. easily. That is an advantage of this software. However, Fraps just has basic features. The new one like livestream is not integrated in this software

The most impressive things of Fraps are its performance and image quality. Fraps saves videos in unextracted AVI so the quality of image is so great but the capacity is very large and the performance of FPS is quite low, particularly PC with low configuration. and fraps stopped updating in 2013. Users need to pay $37 for owning this software.


  • Interface: 8/10
  • Feature: 5/10
  • Performance: 5/10
  • Video quality: 9/10
  1. Bandicam

Bandicam is quite popular in gamers now. Interface of Bandicam is more complex than Fraps with more features. Bandicam’s performance is also better than Fraps because this recorder count for a large CPU’s capacity. Bandicam allows users to choose a suitable FPS limitation for their device, which makes users experience their game while recording better.

The video quality of Bandicam depends on the format users set when saving. The larger capacity video counts, the higher video quality is.

The price of this recorder is $40


  • Interface: 6/10
  • Feature: 7/10
  • Performance: 7/10
  • Video quality: 7/10
  1. Action!

Action! was released for a short period of time but it has been ranked at high rate. Users have to take certain time to similar to this recorder because Mirillis designs Action! with criterion of displaying all its features on main interface, therefore users will be overwhelmed with so many customizations.

Action! performs recording quite good with stable FPS. The video quality depends on your setting because Action! allows users to customize output codes as well as parameters of sound and FPS.

Besides the basic features, Action! includes the livestream feature, which allows users livestream directly on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Especially, users just need to login to their Facebook accounts to stream without adding key stream.

Price: about $20


  • Interface: 5/10
  • Feature: 9/10
  • Performance: 8/10
  • Video quality: 8/10

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