The opponent of Overwatch- LawBreakers has officially launched with much cheaper price

Recently, LawBreakers was officially released on the PS4 and PC for the price of $ 24.99. This shooting role-playing game is quite similar to the super product of Blizzard, so it may become a rival of Overwatch in the future.

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LawBreakers (known as BlueStreak) is set in the fantasy world in the future when Earth loses all gravity due to natural disasters. Mankind survives by using an advanced technology to recreate the gravity and turn many people become special with unrivaled strength.

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The internal battle of humanity takes place after everything seems peaceful. Those who want to use the law to protect the world have to fight the criminals who want to overthrow it all. That is the battle between LAW and BREAKERS.

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Basically, when joining LawBreakers, players will have to choose one of two sides Law or Breakers and fight alongside their teammates for a common goal. In addition, with the fantasy elements in the game, players will explore different cultures and a variety of powerful modern guns.

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