The most popular Xbox One games 2017

We combine here the most popular Xbox One games in the year 2017, the games are carefully selected and will update every time a new game worthy. Here is the list of the most popular Xbox One games we nominated.

1. RiME

You play a boy washed up on a mysterious island, caused by a terrible storm. There are a lot of animals and strange things, like mysterious ruins and above all a tower like a beacon. With curiosity and intelligence, you will take control of the boy through all the obstacles to reach the tower, which contains the hidden mystery. You also have a companion, a fox, both going through beautiful places but no less difficult with puzzles. RiME will once again let you experience a beautiful and relaxing puzzle game which is very appealing.

2. Injustice 2

Continuing with the previous title of the DC super hero fighting game. Injustice 2 also keep the good of part 1, in addition to part 2 added a new feature is loot. This feature is also known as gear, which allows the player to equip different pieces of clothing – both customizable as well as enhanced. Costume types include gauntlets, armor, gowns or shields, which can increase the character’s speed, strength, defense, or health stats.

3. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 also took the world as part 1, this time the story will talk about Sullivan Knoth and the fanatics in a town isolated from the outside world named Temple Gate. You will play Blake Langermann with his wife Lynn, who is trying to expose the murder case. Following the clue, the two arrive at this deserted place, where the dreaded secret is gradually revealed. Outlast is famous for the way to play the way, besides the horror factor is always giving players a pressure due to the circumstances of the acceleration. Feel more helpless when the game does not give you the ability to defend yourself, you can only run and hide.

4. Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee is geared towards the style of classic platform games, but with innovation that is a huge open world. Adventure will remind you of the platformer monument of that time, with the content of good fight evil classic but with more attractive graphics. The plot tells the couple Yooka and Laylee together to smash the treacherous plot of Capital B, not only to get the classic platform elements, but also to mix puzzle elements and eye-catching action, there are even mini Interesting game too. Not a blockbuster but Yooka-Laylee deserves to be on the list of platformers to try, especially when it makes the memory of the children too much.

5. State of Decay 2

State of Decay is an Indie game on Xbox Live Arcade that has achieved great success with sales on Steam and Xbox 360. This game is so popular that it does not need to spend a lot of money on ads but still create the popularity with positive reviews and the terrible number of players. Only after 6 months of launch, the game has sold more than 1 million copies, proving to be a great success on their trade.

State of Decay is a third-person shooter action game and simulates (building base and outposts). The player is in charge of a small group of survivors and can freely follow the plot or perform side quests to ensure the survival of the community. The game world has an area of 16 square kilometers, and half of that is interoperable.

After witnessing the unexpected results of the game, Microsoft and Undead Labs developers officially joined hands to turn the game into a proprietary game series for Microsoft. The next part of the game will be released for both Windows 10 and Xbox One, including the co-op multiplayer feature for players you lead your community to survive in zombie disease.

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