The Last Night: A dazzling game with an incredibly stylized Cyberpunk world

Announced at E3 2017 conference, The Last Night is described as a post-cyberpunk cinematic platformer that takes place in a dystopia. Here humans are slowly destroying themselves through the creation of AI that does everything for them. Work and creativity have all but disappeared and many people find themselves caught in a hopeless quest for meaning.

It’s certainly a more novel approach to dystopian worlds in games, which typically lay blame at the feet of mega corporations and tyrannical governments for the undoing of humanity. What’s creepy about The Last Night’s narrative setup is that it’s completely plausible. An announcement post on the game’s Steam page describes people “defining themselves by what they consume, not what they create,” which adds a much more refreshing spin on the whole humanity going to hell trope.

Published by Raw Fury, The Last Night is a cyberpunk adventure title set in a dystopian cityscape where morality is blurred, and the rain seems to never stop.

The Last Night doesn’t have the exact release date at the moment, but it is currently scheduled to arrive in 2018.

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