The free mobile game series is worth playing for the week

Requires rich imagination with Shadowmatic, dashes with Dashy Crashy, or challenging the speed with Hardway…

Shadowmatic (Android – iOS)

Shadowmatic is a puzzle game that challenges the player’s imagination to the extreme. The player’s task is to rotate the objects in mid-air to create shapes that are related to the surrounding environment.

The game requires the subtlety of combining the images to produce impressive final results. There are relaxing and attractive play but on the journey of discovery, gamers will certainly have to “stumble” many times by the shadow can create always surprise and diverse.

The atmosphere, the environment, and the music of the game are meticulous and careful. However, the game is only free of the top 14 levels, with 4 limited environments. Want to play next, you will have to spend more money.

N.O.V.A. Legacy (Android)

Kal Wardin, the hero in this game, a veteran N.O.V.A. Retired is unexpectedly summoned to support the Colonial defense. Along with the special mobile armor, with the help of Yelena, the creator of Intelligence Art, Kal goes to war against the alien invaders to protect the destiny of mankind. The secret behind the enemy attack.

This fast-paced shooter, nice graphics and flexibility, maneuvering in the main character’s attacking moves, makes it easy for the player to be swept up to escape.

Dashy Crashy (Android – iOS)

Not just a regular racing game, this game combines puzzle solving on the track for gamers to explore. Just simple questions, but at high speed, gamers must quickly make the right choice. Unique graphics, fun ways of playing, this product is receiving a lot of attention on the application market.

Terra Monsters 3 (Android – iOS)

Play the animals in the fantasy world, gamers need to solve the puzzle related to the mystery of the lake, once and for all. 3D game with unique design, with free fighting style attracts the attention of both adults and children.

The open world of the game combines characters from the previous two releases, making it easy for players not to get used to the rhythm and general plot. In particular, games do not require internet connection when experiencing.

Draw Rider (Android) – Free Rider HD (iOS)

Controlling a cyclist, the task is to take the character to the mark at any cost, whether alive or not … died of road obstacles. The game has very simple graphics, but the flexible gameplay makes it interesting and engaging. The controls also only up and down, left right.

Gamers can compete online with other players.

Blasts Bubs (Android – iOS)

Similar to the “dinosaur hit,” the player controls a cannon to destroy targets in the air as quickly as possible. Angle and firing are the keys to success. Simple but fun, this is the game you should download to relieve stress when stressed.

Hardway – Endless Road Builder (Android – iOS)

Building an endless long road to safe moving cars is the only task in the game. This road will connect the small islands together and the player must quickly fast eye to place them in the correct position, before the car fell into the sea.

The game has a fast tempo, with just a few touches on the screen. On the move, gamers need to pay attention to the lighthouses and a variety of monsters.

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