The Evil Within 2 will be officially released at E3 2017

With the names as Evil Resident 7, Outlast 2 or the latest Friday 13th Game, 2017 can be considered as a bumper season of horror games. And another expected horror game – The Evil Within 2 will also be released this year

Although the official release date has not been determined yet, The Evil Within 2 will definitely be introduced at E3 2017. This information is confirmed by Trustedreviews magazine.

The first version of The Evil Within was released in 2014, which is considered to have a lot of similarities with Resident Evil 4 – the last version which Shinji Mikami participated in designing while working for Capcom Company. Viewing angels, the escape scenes from butcher holding the chainsaw are some of the details that fans of the Resident Evil series can recognize as soon as they play The Evil Within.

With an average score of 75/100, The Evil Within was ranked among the most worthy horror titles in the last decade. With the success of the predecessor, hopefully the second part of the game will be attractive and satisfy its fans.

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