Teleporting in smoothly with special ability in Mr. Shifty

Mr. Shifty is like the game that inherited the formula that made the Miami Hotline a success.

The gamer will play Mr. Shifty, a thief with teleport ability. Under the guidance of the nerdy Nyx, the player must confront the guards armed fully by hand.

Mr. Shifty is divided into several rounds, and each round has many scenes, with top-down viewing gameplay. The player’s mission is to infiltrate the criminals and do anything you want. It sounds easy but the reality is different.

In the early rounds, gamers easily lost a dozen of lives. Later, the game is more difficult, even sometimes seemingly impossible to pass, dozens of lives are just normal.

The character just has teleport ability and no weapons supported. But you can pick up items along the screen to “kill” the enemy. For example, throwing a statue head or wiping a mop, even a computer keyboard could be a weapon. However, these temporary things cannot be used for a long time, after a few times are broken.

The second most important element in the game is the teleport ability of the main character. Thanks to it, Mr. Shifty can hide behind the enemy immediately, “go” through the wall and suddenly kill them. At first it is so easy to attack the enemy, but later on, they are armed with more “destructive” weapons, which can be easy to kill you when you try to teleport behind them for a sneak attack. Even with multiple levels of play, the character’s teleport ability is locked, and this is really a nightmare.

The beauty of the game is that when you get used with teleport ability, it flies away. This is time for you to apply the ability to wriggle between the hiding places in the game so that the enemies accidentally hit each other to “fall” less.

Mr. Shifty designed not to let any player rest on the battlefield. Enemies are stupid, fooled to kill each other, but their weapons always know how to kill you. Remember: stand still is dead!


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