Surprisingly: Artificial Intelligence has defeated five high-profile players Dota 2 lost before the team ranked at the bottom of The International 8

Seems like the OpenAI team still has a lot of work to do before they can really beat the pro gamers.

As known, on August 6, artificial intelligence consists of five BOTs called OpenAI Five was officially defeated, rather than saying “crush” 5 Dota 2 gamers of Fog, Merlini, Blitz, Capitalist and MoonMeander. Previously, they also won five players with rank up to 6,500+ MMR (top 0.05% of the world).

However, it is worth mentioning here that these players / caster are all those who have retired or are not playing professionally at the present time, so OpenAI still have to try with professional gamers. “The International 8” is taking place – a $25 million tournament to select the World Dota 2 champion.

Result? OpenAI lost even before the team reached the bottom at this event.

Specifically, on the day of the third match, 23/08, OpenAI officially went on stage and battled Dota 2 from South America. “Pain Gaming” includes five gamers with the nickname hFn, W33, tavo, Kingrd and Duster in BO1 mode.

At this point, OpenAI Five has also improved a lot, as they already know Roshan, wards, no longer tease the players by “predict” the winning rate again, and the team will use only one courier To transfer items in the game (before each player will have a separate courier).

Even so, OpenAI Five is not going to beat even the professional team that was eliminated on the first day at The International 8, but they also showed a lot of blunders.

For example, the AFK in the Roshan area constantly, put the ward right in his house, use the way innocently (especially the important way), buyback without reason, farm still very poor, etc.

Pain Gaming also shoots five OpenAI Five Bots and teases them constantly, chasing them from the beginning to the end of the map, just wandering around without end, etc. The result is that OpenAI Five loses ground in the face of the monster at Roger Arena, Canada.

Pain Gaming was one of the first four to be eliminated at The International 8, finishing at the bottom.

Today, the OpenAI team will refine some algorithms to improve the five BOTs and prepare for tomorrow, as they still want to try two more games at The International 8 with professional teams. .

In short, OpenAI initially seemed to be smart but turned out to be not as strong as we expected, even with the weakest team at this year’s event still losing. We can rest assured that at the present time, machines still can not beat people.

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