Strafe – The great game with FPS retro style

Strafe brought the player back to the heyday of first-person shooter genre in the 90s. The game not only forced the gamers to use their personal skills to “skate” through the game but also requires patience to play from the beginning when you “lose your life”.

Strafe’s story begins with a character called scrapper. This is a space astronaut, specializing in “collecting” the currency called “scrap”. This character is sent by a gang to the Icarus spaceship to collect scrap. But when approaching Icarus discovered that there are very aggressive aliens are “in the capital” on this.

If you have experienced Doom or Quake for a while, you will probably find Strafe more familiar. Although still under the FPS category, the gameplay of these games mainly forces players to tactics “quick hit, shorten”. Because if players take too much time, the monster will increase as much and the ammunition may not be enough.

After a light guide, the player starts by choosing one of the three main weapons, the shotgun, the machine gun, or the laser gun. Along the way, you’ll be able to pick up more powerful sub-guns and “wipe out” enemies more easily, of course with limited ammo. Passes such as rocket guns or shot nails, though not new in the FPS category but shot quite fun. And after the “discharge” out of ammunition, the players turn back to the primary gun you selected.

Strafe has a total of four maps, each map divided into several levels. Unlike linear designs such as Quake or Doom, Pixel Titans developers use algorithms to generate screens. Therefore, every time you lose your life, the gameplay is always new and difficult to predict.

The game does not have any form of checkpoint, and players have only one life. If they die, they have to start again. If you do not want to fight in the early stages, you have to hunt “money” to buy moving equipment, and “jump” to other maps. But like many things in Strafe, the game does not explain this to the player.

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