Steam extremely breaks “farm” Trading Card

The new conditions of getting Trading Card on Steam has made the bot network hanging game farm card really crisis and can be completely removed.

The original purpose of Trading Card is to help gamers have a fair marketplace to collect Trading Cards for their favorite titles and sell unnecessary stuff to buy new or better games, however, now Trading Cards are increasingly being exploited by game studios for distorted purposes. Their trick is usually to put the game on Steam, play key for the bot to “hang” the game to get free cards to sell. Although there are a few gamers being interested in these games but spending a few coins to buy cards to change to Gem create Booster Pack for your favorite game is really profitable. So, the “farm” card market is still very active.

However, these hunting cards groups have been gradually being met many difficulties when Steam Direct has made it harder to upload a game on Steam and limited new and unpaid Steam accounts to receive Trading Cards.

In fact, Valve had previously planned to limit the benefits of new accents to avoid phishing, farm cards from April 2015, but somehow this policy has been delayed until now. Perhaps Valve wants to thoroughly solve the problem of junk games first and then break this problem. From now, the accounts on Steam must generate at least $5 transactions or trade in the community market if they want to receive Trading Cards.

According to many gamers, this is a tight solution of Valve to get rid of all the nasty revenue streams of junk games studios.

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