State of Decay 2- An expectable open-world survival game

Released in 2013, State of Decay is a successful zombie-themed game thanks to its unique gameplay that requires players to collect resources to build a base, even plant and produce drugs besides just running and shooting. The version 2 of this game – State of Decay 2 was brought by Microsoft with promises to launch in early 2018. Comparing to other anti-zombie action games, this is a very hardcore one when you have to try to save yourself, your teammates and build a base to survive.

Another interesting detail in State of Decay 2 is that you will often face unexpected surprises. For example, a player who causes loud noises to attract attention of the Zombies, which can make you cannot turn up and lose your life. Conversely, you can also become the culprit causing the team to “lie down” if you act carelessly.

Particularly, State of Decay 2 does not allow the characters to attack each other directly; therefore, in many cases, gamers have to get the zombies with the above trick to kill the enemy. However, the number of zombies in the State of Decay is huge and not easy to deal with.

Killing the NPC in the State of Decay 2 will also leave unpredictable consequences because the character may be active in another organization and when facing his / her co-workers, you will be attacked immediately.

State of Decay 2 is designed by an experienced designer who takes responsibility for many of blockbuster projects such as Diablo II, Warcraft III, and Guild War – Jeff Strain. In addition, the success of the first version also makes State of Decay 2 definitely be an expectable product for gamers who love open-world survival game.

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