Solstice Chronicles: MIA is a top-down shooting game released on Steam

Ironward and Nkidu Games have officially released Solstice Chronicles: MIA for PC on Steam. The game was raised on Fig in February of this year and was successful with $30,900 in revenue.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is the survival battle between players and monsters mutated by the STROL virus on Mars.

During the battles, different weapons which help increase the fighting ability for the player will appear and players can collect them. The notable point of the game is that the way you play how your game will affect the difficulty of the game.

There will be four classes of character in game for players to choose including Assault, Demolitinon, Hellfire and Terminator. And each character will own different skills and weapons system. To fit the character, players need to choose the appropriate weapons.

With the use of modern Unreal engine 4, the graphics in the game is pretty good and light effect is so impressive when clearly showing explosions or fire extinguishers burned a whole area.

Overall, this is a shooter game with nice gameplay. Currently Solstice Chronicles: MIA is sold on Steam with the price of $17.99.

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