Sniper Elite 4 –A game for learning shooting and human anatomy

Sniper Elite 4 is one of the shooters, stealth action titles is expected in the first quarter of 2017. SE4 is a third-person shooter game produced and released by Rebellion Developments, and is also the sequel to the Sniper Elite series (first released in 2005).

It can be said that SE4 is a very easy game to get acquainted with, especially for new players. In less than an hour, you will definitely be attracted to the content of the game. Taking the scene of Italy during World War II (1943), Sniper Elite 4 will allow you to transform into a gunner with the task of assassinating high-ranking fascist officials. The game promises to bring players to many diverse locations in this beautiful country, from Mediterranean towns to jungles and mountains to Nazi bases.

A special feature of Sniper Elite 4 improved much more than the previous version is size of map. The area of ​​the screen will be many times larger than the predecessor Sniper Elite 3. This makes the nature of “open world” in the game is prominently clear. You are free to act and freely choose the best option to pass the game without any constraints.

Talking about the Sniper Elite lineup, the slower X-Rounds are the unmistakable brand. When defeating any target, these slow-moving images will make you feel good (or afraid). A clear path from the moment the bullets fly out of the gun heats up, hit the victim, injure the internal organs, and ultimately the inevitable death. If you do not like these scenes like me, you can disable this feature in the control panel. This can help you reduce blood pressure, violence, and can save time in the game screen.

Besides being a regular shooter, Sniper Elite 4 also gives you basic knowledge about “human anatomy”. After playing Sniper Elite 4, you will better understand what part of your body and “honor” them (brain, liver, bile, heart, lungs, stomach, etc.) more!


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