SIE Bend Studio continues to introduce the harsh postwar weather in the new gameplay of Days Gone

SIE Bend Studio has released a new clip with certain changes compared to the previous demo of Days Gone. The significant point of this version is the change in the climate, the time frame, and the way it works which the game will provide.

In the demo, the protagonist Deacon St. John drives his motorbike through the frigid Pacific Northwest. You can clearly see how the world is changing depending on the time of the year

At this time, the creative director of the game and voice actor for Deacon also shared about different ways for players to approach the game.

It is interesting and praiseworthy that the dynamic changes of the open world are able to change both the gameplay and the method to approach of the gamer. With what has been shown, Days Gone will likely provide a completely different experience for players each time they enjoy the game. Besides, this game also brings a lively world for gamers to explore and wander everywhere.

Days Gone has not had a fixed release date yet, but it’s very likely that we will be touched it early next year. The game will also include enhancements specifically for the PS4 Pro system.

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