Shadow Fight 3 returns with impressive 3D graphics

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Continue the success of the two previous versions Shadow Fight 1 and 2, the world-famous NEKKI has continued to bring to the fans of the antagonistic mobile game a new super-product called Shadow Fight 3. With 3D graphics, the game promises to bring gamers the worth experience.

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Shadow Fight 3 is totally different from 2 previous versions in this antagonistic series. The 3D graphics, vivid colors, storyline and context are entirely new. However, if you have experienced 2 previous versions, it is not too difficult to get used to this new change.

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The props like armor and weapons are shown in 3D graphics and you can see clearly when the character uses. All the detail in game are designed are carefully and meticulously.

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Combo attacks and skills of character are also refreshed, along with slow motion when the character hits a fine blow or knocks the opponent, which players easily recognize the majestic and the sharpness of each round.

Currently, this game is only available in Canada and in the future, gamers around the world will be able to experience the game fully. You can also download this game to your computer by fake IP or use the Apple Store Canada.

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