[Review] Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – JRPG crushes all prejudices

After 11 years since its debut on PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy XII re-appeared on PlayStation 4 on July 11 via Square Enix. The remake version called Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age owns higher quality graphics, remixed background music, bonus trophies, and an international Zodiac Job system including the Japanese version. The first reviews have started appearing in the forums of the international gamer community.

GameSport – 9/10

Image result for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgeAlthough the improvements do not create a whole new game for loyal fans, the Zodiac Age is still full of strength. The experience can last more than 100 hours, with sophisticated refinements that help gamers relive the wonderful moments of Final Fantasy XII in a new light.

Interesting story and new knowledge and Gambit system over time will attract the first time gamers  play this game. The new audio and speed options help The Zodic Age is an ideal version, a worthy advance on the old platform.

Polygon – 8.5 / 10

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The Zodiac Age does not litter. I can spend over 300 hours playing this version of Final Fantasy XII, test different combinations of classes and new boss tactics, which I did not get in the original version. The Zodiac Age is a game that I can play in my dream and then wake up to do it again.

RPG Site- 9/10

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Western gamers are being treated with new modifications and improvements from the original Final Fantasy XII. Some of them may be not really new but have never been officially updated in Western version.

The mission system brings in new excitement through teamwork, and factors such as fast turnaround and map coverage make for remarkable convenience. The game also possesses great graphics and sound. This remake is probably not going to change everyone’s mind, but surely this is one of the best and most exciting versions of the whole series.

IGN – 8,8 / 10

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The Adventures inspired by Final Fantasy XII evolved considerably over time, and The Zodiac Age improved it further and better. Storyboards, visual graphics and gameplay are all as new and exciting as the first time game launched over a decade ago. New enhancements for beginners to experience the magic of the game for the first time and entice old players back.

Game Radar – 4/5

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The Zodiac Age for Final Fantasy XII stands for its own potential exploration, thanks to a lot of graphics improvements, compelling background music and the addition of the Zodiac Job System.

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