Revealed the disgusting look of Jason killer in Friday the 13th game

In Friday the 13th, the player will be able to play as Jason and as the killer’s prey.

The secret to be kept hidden makes people feel curious. The faces behind the mask are an example, so far in film and literature, characters who cover their faces with make-up or whatever have always had a weird charm to the audience, from superhero comic characters to Jason Vorhees – the murderer in the horror film series Friday the 13th.

Jason Voorhees – the name scatters horror on screen.

During the length of the Friday the 13th horror film series, Jason did not reveal his face to the camera, but his face often disfigured horribly and made it difficult for the viewer to imagine his appearance when as a human.

And with the upcoming horror Friday the 13th game, the developer Gun Media seems to be very loyal to the original story when introducing players to a killer Jason with the face has no word to describe more appropriate than word: “Rough and variegated”. It makes viewers shudder not shiver when imagining what made him so.

Jason’s face in the horror Friday the 13th game.

Of course the beautiful or the bad is not important to a cold-blooded murderer like Jason, instead he’s just interested in hunting and killing all the bad boys, girls he saw in the forest. Gun Media has also unveiled a new gameplay clip that shows the brutal ending of the killer Jason. The video contains a lot of graphic violence, so readers should consider carefully before following up.

Friday the 13th game will be released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this year but no specific time has yet been revealed.

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