Resident Evil 7 would have been even more horrible if not cut off

A few interesting sharing of development team about the horror game Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7 with a limited first-person perspective and the chase between the protagonist and the Baker family is easy to scare people, but in fact if there is more time to develop, the game was probably even more horrible, which is what the new development team revealed in a recent video.

According to director Koshi Nakanishi, the idea of Resident Evil 7 is expected to bring players more surprise, such as the Baker family not only consists of 4 members but also raised a dog carrying Diane’s name. With all the Baker members influenced by Eveline leading to dramatic changes in both appearance and spirit, it is not hard to imagine how a dog will be affected. Mr Nakanishi said the Baker family dining scene was supposed to have included Diane.

Zombie dogs have been a “specialty” of Resident Evil since the very beginning, so if Resident Evil 7 has this type of enemy then surely the longtime fans will feel more familiar when experiencing the game. Regrettably this idea could not have come true.

In addition, the development team shared the idea of “zombie” Resident Evil 7 also have the ability to hear the breath of the protagonist. This leads to a few instances, in addition to the player must move slowly and have to hold a button to hold the breath is not detected.

Then an oxygen gauge will appear, telling the player how long Ethan is holding his breath. Using imagination, we can also imagine what part of this feature would increase the aggravation for situations that find the way inside the Baker Mansion.

The reason that this feature was cut off was quite interesting: The development team found that game testers tend to… hold their breath in real life in such situations, and they worry that if In order for gamers to play continuously in a state of shortness of breath, Resident Evil 7 could have a negative impact on health.

Resident Evil 7 was so scary that it made the player … sick

For Resident Evil 7, the current third DLC game, “Not a Hero” promises to bring players following hero Chris Redfield in a story that is separate from the main storyline.

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