Raze: Dungeon Arena- The blockbuster for Mobile has come out

Raze: Dungeon Arena is a new ARPG game coming out next month with features similar to the legendary Diablo.

Raze: Dungeon Arena has elements of action and role playing game with attractive co-op gameplay. Accordingly, the player can both fight the boss alone and co-operate with other players easily.

Beside the thrilling gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics is also the strength of Raze: Dungeon Arena. The scenes in prison can remind gamers of legendary Diablo but Dungeon Arena has better character system. This game brings more than 20 different heroes for players to collect and choose. Each hero has different skills. With a unique tag-team system, players can carry up to two heroes at the same time in battle and can switch back and forth in both boss battles and PvP.

Like the traditional RPG games, the heroes in Raze: Dungeon Arena will be upgraded to power due to items found when players adventure in the dungeon. Players can create weapons and at the same time develop special skills and abilities for the character. Besides, the developer also plans to launch a new hero each month.

In addition, Raze: Dungeon Arena also allows players to experience over 60 dungeons with breathtaking solo boss battles. This mobile game also has 1vs1, 2vs2 modes, fiery guild battles and co-op mode for gamers to join together to win. Raze: Dungeon Arena has come out on Appstore of Australia under the name of Raziel.

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