Pokemon Go is less than 20% of players

More than 80% of users have removed Pokemon Go from mobile devices, but there are still 5 million gamers around the world who are fascinated with virtual beasts.

According to Nowloading, Pokemon Go only has about 5 million users accessing each day. Not yet 20% compared to the peak of previous eight months.

At its peak in July 2016, Pokemon GO had a daily number of players at 28.5 million. That’s roughly 15 percent of all US smartphones. The percentage of users who have deleted the game and dropped the game is alarmingly high.

At peak times, Pokemon Go has nearly 30 million players every day. Currently only about 5 million.

The reason for the decline in the number of players is mainly due to the updates of the developer did not bring to users what they were waiting for, which is the mode of trading Pokemon between devices together. Many doubt this feature is just “wishful” of the Niantic developer because technical issues are not able to meet.

The number of people who continue to hunt for Pokémon, are predicted to be a group of children ages 10 to 12 and people want to borrow game as a means of physical activity by daily walking. Although these are loyal players, the ability to recover old number players is determined to be nearly impossible.

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