Pokemon Go is accused of punishing cheaters by junks Pokemon

Although hunting the “pocket monster” across the alleyways streets may be over, Pokémon Go still owns more than 65 million of active users.

There are many players of Pokémon Go who are so lazy just want to rely on third-party unofficial tracking applications to help them pinpoint the location of Pokémon, which is completely banned by the developer of Niantic. Now, some cheaters users are insisting that they are being punished by the Niantic Company because of using unofficial apps. Now, when hunting Pokémon, they just meet the antiilliteracy ones.

According to Pokémon Go Hub, Niantic starts hiding scare Pokémon from the accounts marked as cheated. Pokémon Go fans compare this solution “shadowban” –a smart way to drive cheaters from game without forcing.

Players who are marked as cheaters can just find popular Pokémon like Pidgey and Rattata even when they are in area of scarce monsters

Some players made a list of the Pokémon which “Shadowban” accounts can and can’t meet. It means this solution of Niantic become more and more popular. However, Niantic has not verified anything related to the Allegations from cheat accounts

Until now, Pokémon Go has more than 650 million of download. Last Feb, Niantic added over 80 new Pokémon into this game and revealed some information of final legendary monsters appearing in this summer. In addition, new features which players have expected like exchanging productions, Pokémon and the PvP combat between coaches may appear at this time.

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