Pokémon GO – How to catch Legendary Pokémon in Raid Battle?

Regardless of the leaked information that are wise in Pokémon GO gamers, the community still could not see the appearing of Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo, Mew, etc. as well as Raikou, Entei, Suicune and the mighty Pokémon Lugia, Ho-oh and Celebi.

However, with the reforming in the Gym system, Pokémon GO will officially bring the interest for gamers. But of course they will not be presented as common Pokémon and wait for gamers to hunt. Instead, they will be added directly to the new Raid Battle mode.

How to catch the legendary Pokémon?

As mentioned above, the Raid Battle – or the boss battle in Pokémon GO, is the place where legendary Pokémon appears. Up to now, legendary Pokémon are still being developed and introduced into the game, but we can confirm the following:

  • The coach needs a Legendary Raid ticket to attend the event
  • Legendary Raid is a very rare item that just can be collected after the boss has attended dozens, even hundreds of Raid Battle
  • After having enough items, randomly event a Gym will appear Legendary Egg statue and the coach just has a short period of time to go there and participate in the event
  • Many people believe that the legendary Pokemon will not have the right to participate in protecting the Gym in order not to affect the balance in the game. But conversely, the coach can use it to attack the Gym.

Legendary Pokémon index

Legendary Pokémon index has been talked about for a long time, particularly Mew and Mewtwo. However, according to the latest, Mewtwo and Ho-Oh are currently two of the most legendary Pokémon with the highest attacking index. The usual Pokémon such as Alakazam and Dragonite are unlikely to catch up with these legendary Pokémon. It’s too hard to catch these legendary Pokémon and they only appear in the Raid Battle mode and gamers cannot find them in normal way

In an interview with Wired, CEO John Hanke of Niantic announced that gamers will see more of the presence of these powerful Pokémon in 2017. However, at the 21st Annual Webby Awards, Niantic representatives surprised the recipient with just five words, “This summer will be legendary,” as a hint of the release of the legendary Pokémon this summer. This is also the time that Niantic plans to add the PvP mechanism to the game.

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