Official confirmation for version for PC of blockbuster FPS online Destiny 2

Good news for fan of the blockbuster Destiny is that Activision Company will publish version for PC for Destiny 2 besides version for PS4 and Xbox One.


Recently, Activision Company has officially announced information about part 2 of the game FPS online Destiny. Time in Destiny 2 is one year later extended version Destiny: Rise of Iron. At this time, The Guardians has to find a new power source to confront with negative camp Red Legion commanded by generalissimo Ghaul.



The CEO of Activision company, Eric Hirshberg said that Destiny is the biggest brand they had published for the console system. With the talent programmers from Activision, Destiny 2 promises to bring players amazing FPS experience, attractive plot, and impressing characters. Besides, this version is also added into new creativeness, which will help Destiny 2 become closer and more suitable with various groups of gamer.

This is the first time Destiny is programmed version for PC so Destiny 2 extremely is a great version than ever for PC.

Destiny 2 is developed by Bungie Company and published by Activision Company. It will be presented before the public on 8th, September this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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