Nioh- Great action game for PS4

Considered as the “hybrid” of Dark Souls and Onimusha, Nioh is the great action game of Japanese game developers.

In Nioh, you have the chance to face the samurai in spectacular and breathtaking swordsmanship, multi-objective battles that will push up the difficulty and actually challenge skill, and patience.

The context in Nioh is set in the Sengoku period, commonly known as the Japanese Warring States (which took place in the 15th and 16th centuries). In the game, you will play a character named William and go through a challenging journey in the feudal period of cherry country. William’s experience and skills will enable him to survive in the samurai’s evil land.

Nioh has featured factors of Japanese culture from the costumes, architecture, character design, to the famous warriors such as ronin, ninja, samurai or the devil, demon, which all have the most comprehensive reconstruction of the country in Japan War Times.

Dubbed the Dark Souls of Asia, Nioh has very similar characteristics to blockbuster From Software. The game forces you to focus on every little action when playing instead of spamming skills constantly. Just a little wary, you can end your journey.

The physical point in Nioh is called “Ki”. This is an extremely important indicator, directly affecting the character’s combat ability. Rolling to avoid is a necessity, but if you overdo this skill, your character will have a big problem.

The pace in the game takes place very fast, especially when fighting with the boss. Powerful, agitated and a little violent, Nioh probably will not fit into the kind of under-pressure players.

As a role-play action game, Nioh allows you to develop and enhance your character’s power over time. To improve your personal indicator, you need an element that is Amrita. Amrita points can be collected by defeating opponents or destroying redundant items (similar to Dark Souls).

With the exclusive release of PS4, this can be a pity for PC users. But if you really want to experience this game, buy a PS4 without any hesitation. The vast samurai world is full of challenges and interesting things awaiting you.

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