Nintendo Switch is teaming up with Xbox One to beat PS4?

At E3, the annual video game trade conference held in Los Angeles last time, world gaming village has witnessed the clash of Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony. Each company introduced their views on the future of the game and after all, the three companies endorsed their short introductions to individual products. Everyone can see that now is the era of Sony with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. This dominance is thanks to its intelligent strategies

Sony sold more than 60 million PlayStation 4 game consoles, more than twice as many as Microsoft’s Xbox One did. But Sony also received competition from Nintendo when Japanese game companies started off with a new Switch. Although only released a few months, but Nintendo has made significant breakthroughs. However, Sony also owns a lot of success from PlayStation 4 users in selling and releasing games. Nearly 30 million PlayStation users paid for PlayStation Plus, an online service from Sony.

However, Nintendo’s agreement to unite the world of Minecraft on all Microsoft platforms,  which makes  people think that the two giants in a bid to battle Sony. Sony, for its part, completely refuses to let Minecraft’s PS4 version shake hands with the other two platforms. But everything can change so fast in the gaming industry and there are still many things to be expected and promised from Microsoft and Nintendo in the near future.

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