Nintendo released Super Mario Odyssey dedicating for Switch

Besides launching the game console Switch, Nintendo introduced a number of new games dedicated to this game machine.

Super Mario Odyssey is the most notable game of all the games that Nintendo has released for Switch. In the game, Mario will fight, rescue the princess in the new maps. According to designer Yoshizaki Koizumi, most of these maps are designed as real one in the world.

In the video introducing this game, you’ll find urban areas, forests, a drab town and lots of other maps that Mario will explore. Mario will also have more skills besides running, jumping. He can climb, fly by a balloon and even swim.

The storyline is the same, Mario must overcome all challenges to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Mario has many new friends who will help him throughout the journey. However, Mario will also face a series of new enemies

Super Mario Odyssey is the latest Mario game for handheld gaming ever since Super Mario 3D World debuted in 2013.

In addition to Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo has also released other titles for the Switch, including Arms and a Switch.

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