Night in the Woods- A deep fable for young people

Through pictures of cats and her friends, Night in the Woods tells a deep fable for those who have grown up.

Night in the Woods in terms of graphics is so smooth and brilliant. It is considered as a colorful game that can attract gamers at the first sight. Graphics in game takes advantage of the minimalist poster style with minimal detail lines, unobtrusive cubes, clear colors which make the game like a photo book.

Night in the Woods_20170225220703The first thing impressing players may be the character in game. All characters in game are the animals. In addition, these animals are still remained their natural features and added human characteristics.

The main character of Night in the Woods is a female cat, Mae, an unnaturally troubled cat – is designed with tomboy costumes, dusty clothes, blue boots, mouths red eyes are full of curiosity. As such, each character in Night in the Woods, from Mae’s close friends Gregg, Bea, Angus to each of the other subordinate characters that you will encounter in the game are blown to individual characteristics although they are still the familiar animals around us.

According to many players, the sound in Night in the Woods is so great. Each song in game is very attracted. But the gameplay in Night in the Woods is quite slow so for gamers who light fast paced intense game, they certainly cannot stand for this game.

At first, we can see that Night in the Woods likes a game for kids but after experiencing this game, you can find it is so special. In addition to the other whiskers, it is the content that makes Night in the Woods shine as it addresses the grimace of a generation: maturity – specifically the maturity of the young people are not talent. Night in the Woods is a deep fable in modern life for young people.









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