new version in series of F1 2017 has been announced

 The next version in series of car racing game F1 2017 was officially released with information about published date and the first details.

Developed by Codemasters, F1 2017 promises to burn the racing roads on PS4, Xbox One and PC (through Steam) on 25th Aug, 2017. Besides the information about published date, Deep Silver also announced a short video for this game to introduce some car models.

Codemasters and Deep Silver affirmed that F1 2017 would be the comeback of classical F1 cars like McLaren MP4/4 1988, Williams FW14B 1992, and Ferrari F 2002, etc.

F1 2017 will be improved Career mode, Multiplayer part and be added Championships mode.

Director of Codemasters, Mr. Lee Mather said that this is the first time F1 2017 has been integrated classical factors into Career mode. Players will join in modern racings and imposing events with classical F1 during the season.

In F1 2017, there are 4 layouts changed through each round. Moreover, this game is also added new types of gameplay. The classical F1 models are available for all players in different modes, including multiplayer and time trial.

For people who pre-order F1 2017 (or buy Day One Edition) will monopolize to use the MP4/4. This car will be sole for all players at “anytime in the future with undecided price” while the other models will available for all


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