MLB The Show 17- The sports turns to a horror game with extremely disgusting characters

MLB The Show 17 bug has just officially turned this sports product into the most disgusting horror game ever.

Nothing is perfect, especially with people and the things they create. The game is also not out of the law so even the most popular products are also bugged. However, the bug in the MLB The Show 17 is something you have never seen before. It makes the game become disgusting than the most bloody horror games.

The story begins when the developer shows the baseball game MLB Baseball Game Show 17 with the ability to adjust the hair of the character. Of course, if everything is done correctly, the hair of the players must move smoothly and increase the liveliness of the game. However, on the contrary, an unusual error of MLB The Show 17 has caused not only the hair but the whole face of the characters deformation in an unimaginable way.

In fact, this incident of MLB The Show 17 only added to the notoriety of the sports game when the errors in this kind of game appear quite a lot. The most typical example is the FIFA Series when there are bad situations imitating bad jokes with game errors yearly, such as kicking goalkeeper fly straight into the net or overlapping with ridiculous posture. However, on the level of disgust, MLB The Show 17 can only be compared to Assassin’s Creed: Unity when the game is similarly buggy, making the character’s face look like the most bizarre shapes.

If this error is not fixed sooner, gamers may still see more terrible faces created in the future.

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