“Minecraft Online” – Creativerse is making a stir on Steam after few days of releasing

Few days ago, Creativerse was officially released on Steam. Being considered as an online version of blockbuster Minecraft, Creativerse attracts attentions of gamers all over the world. This game is entirely response to expectations of players. According to reviews on Steam, there are 11.486 players satisfying with this Creativerse (counts for 82% in total)

Almost players who have experienced Creativerse agree that this is an amazing game for all gamers, particularly Minecraft fans. Especially, this game is totally free, so everyone can try it.
Some of advantages of Creativerse:

  • Open and pretty world
  • Easy to play
  • Diversified contents
  • Unlimited

Another point which makes Creativerse become popular is that this game requires a medium configuration. With a normal PC, you can totally experience Creativerse smoothly.

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