Mighty Battles – When the legendary Beach Head teamed up with the Clash Royale

Mighty Battles really are a wonderful blend of old and modern styles now.

Coming so long, the graphics and style of Beach Head 2000 can not be compared to high-end games today. However, Beach Head 2000 is still appealing to gamers thanks to its simple, addictive gameplay, which is suitable for entertainment after hours of hard work and schoolwork.

Now gamers will have the opportunity to relive the style of the legendary Beach Head 2000 but in the context of today’s modern battlefield from the Clash Royale. The new game brings in this perfect combination on the mobile platform called Mighty Battles, which promises gamers the unique mobile gaming experience.

Like Beach Head 2000, Mighty Battles will take the player as a skilled gunner to counter the relentless attacks of enemy troops. However, you have to be entrenched in a battlefield tactics MOBA Clash Royale, where both sides have defensive systems and main house and you will be provided with guns and ammunition to counter opposing forces.

But the difference and more innovative of Mighty Battles is that it allows the player the ability to arrange units of combat, even direct control of the gun attack directly into the enemy home. From fighter jets, tanks, missiles… all appear before your eyes for the player to use.

In addition, Mighty Battles also reward gold for players when defeating the enemy. The amount of money you earn after each level of the game will be used to deploy units of combat, thereby increasing their power considerably enough to destroy the enemy house as quickly as possible. In addition, the player can upgrade and develop combat units to deal with other players in the highly competitive PvP mode.

With its bright, modern graphics and characteristic Beach Head 2000 style and battlefield backgrounds like Clash Royale, Mighty Battles is definitely a fun shooting game for extreme good stress-reduction players.

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