Middle Earth Shadow of War: Break out with public battle gameplay

Now, players in Shadow of War no longer are limited by sneaky gameplay, they can enjoy the monumental public battle in the world of Middle earth.

Recently, GameSpot has introduced to readers around the world the latest gameplay images of the open-world action game Middle-Earth Shadow of War. With this information, gamers will have a more direct view of the new gameplay mode called Fort Assault. As the name implies for this mode, players will have the task of finding a way to attack and occupy the demons of Mordor. These cities, if captured, would have great advantages in controlling part of the area in the open world map. But in return, players will face many challenging congestion including a strong army and are fully equipped teeth entrenched in the city.

Different form the first version with an emphasis on sneaky-style Assassin’s Creed, the Middle-Earth Shadow of War offers gamers a greater freedom in the gameplay by enhancing their face-to-face attacks. Specifically, the player will be given the authority to command an Orc army acquired and equipped with heavy weapons to assist in battle. The army itself is also ranked according to rank and experience to increase effectiveness in combat. These have contributed to the massive scale battles that can be somewhat comparable to the famous series “Lord of the Rings”.

The Middle-Earth Shadow of War follows the storyline from the previous series, Shadow of Mordor, with the journey of the Talion Rider and the elusive soul of Celebrimbor in the eradication of the dark side of Mordor in Middle-earth.  As expected, the game will be released on 22nd Aug, 2017 one consoles PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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