Metro: Exodus – The super FPS game

Metro is back with the next version launched on all three of the most popular platforms by 2018. The publisher also shared some information about the game. Like the previous Metro, The main character is Artyom, who flees the ruins of Metro Moscow with a group of survivors. Deep Silver said that the game would provide an incredible experience with a long, deep storyline.

The Company has officially confirmed that Metro: Exodus will be a multi-platforms game. For the first time in the Metro series, Exodus will be an open world game. Metro Trailer: Exodus introduced during the conference at E3 event showed the character moving through a collapsed tunnel filled with bones before appearing in the open world and fighting a mutated mouse.

The most recent Metro game is Metro: Last Light. There is a lot of information about the next version of Metro to be released this year, but until E3 starts, Deep Silver publisher still denies this information. Metro Dmitry Glukhovsky then suggested that a new game could be released, but there was no real information until it was introduced at E3 this year.

Metro: Exodus will have improvements on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, which allows you to play games with 4K resolution and HDR.

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