Little Nightmares-The horror game with cartoon images

Formerly known as Hunger, Tarsier studio’s game- Little Nightmares will bring you back to the world, full of wonder and terror.

In Little Nightmares, instead of avoiding dark areas like other horror games, the player needs to hide in the dark to avoid being detected by deformed creatures. Conversely, if you do not notice, you will easily be trapped because you do not see anything in front of your eyes, for example, falling from above. Therefore, you have to depend on the only widget that Six – the main character possesses- the lighter to illuminate in the dark.

Basically, the gameplay of Little Nightmares is a combination of platforming and physics-based puzzles like many platform games with puzzle games like Limbo or Inside. Instead, it’s the graphics platform with the crooked shapes, the clumsy clay movie style models that make gamers feel impressed.


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