How to extend time with your Switch?


You know that Nintendo Switch is a mobile device so it make gamer more convenient to take it with. But the amount of time of its battery doesn’t satisfy them. In this post, let’s see the best customized solution for your Switch.

Nintendo Switch consumes energy higher than mobile phone does, especially when you run weighty game like Breath of the Wild. Therefore, some common charge can’t satisfy your demand with Switch. Below are some samples which you can consider for your Switch.

  1. Anker Powercore 10.000mAh

This is the smallest charge with reasonable price (~$24). With this charge, you can allow your Switch work more 5 hours in maximum brightness and about 6 hours in middle brightness. Addition to 3 hours available of Switch, you can play in quite long time.

  1. Lumsing Glory P2 15.000mAh

This charge will add you more 6 hours 20 minutes to play game on your Switch in maximum brightness or 7 hours 22  minutes in middle brightness but the price is only ~$22 (lower than price of Anker Powercore $2). This reason is that the company of Lumsing Glory P2 is not really large. However, with the suitable price as well as its power, Glory P2 is a noticeable choice.

  1. Rav Power 26.000mAh

This charge has high price as well as big size but its power is really amazing. If you set you Switch at maximum brightness, Rav Power can support you 10 hours of playing and 12 hours 20 minutes of playing with middle brightness. That is a really impressing number.

You will need a converting USB cable to have the best power source or you can also take advantage the USB cable of Pro Controller. Besides, you can charge your Switch with 3 spare parts but we advise you charge your Switch fully to prolong its life.

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