Hot games for PC & Console will be available this week (from August 14th to August 20th)

Let’s see the notable games launched this week!

Monday August 14th

  • StarCraft Remastered (PC)

Tuesday August 15th

  • Agents of Mayhem (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  • Sonic Mania (PS4, Switch, Xbox One)
  • Matterfall (PS4)
  • Cities: Skylines (PS4)
  • Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition  (PS4, Xbox One)
  • Nidhogg 2 (PC, PS4)
  • Conan Exiles – Xbox Game Preview (Xbox One)
  • Killing Floor: Incursion (Rift)

Agents of Mayhem has made the gaming community around the world gape for the unique launching (post an sex clip on the adult site). This shooting game developed by Volition and released by Deep Silver will be officially launched worldwide on all three platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox One. In game, you will play the role of M.A.Y.H.E.M spies, who come from the rogue components to save the world from the yoke of crazy corporation LEGION.

But perhaps the most respected game right now is StarCraft Remastered. Considered to be a remake of the childhood-oriented title of many gamers around the world, StarCraft Remastered will support 4K resolution with quite a few notable new features such as:

  • Full graphical upgrades for the original StarCraft and StarCraft expansion: Brood War
  • Supports 4K resolutions
  • New searching system for matches and rankings
  • Player profiles combined with individual stats
  • Lively sound and music

Switch between remastered and original StarCraft at the touch of a button

Blizzard officially launched StarCraft Remastered on August 14, 2017 on PC platform for $ 14.99. This time, Starcraft: Remastered supports many languages ​​including English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

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