Horizon Zero Dawn Giant Creatures

Having released all over the world so far, Horizon Zero Dawn are received incentive praised from both experts and gamers. If you are interested in this new blockbuster, let’s learn about colossal creature which you have to face when playing.

  1. Watcher

It is the first creature you meet when starting this game. Watcher is based on Troodon, a small size carnivorous dinosaur. As Troodon, Watcher also herds together and goes for a hunt with smart and effective tactics. But the weakness of Watcher is the blue eye at the central of its head. When being attacked at this blue eye, Watcher will be prostrated.

  1. Redeye Watcher

Redeye Watcher is the updated version of Watcher. It is faster, more intelligent and of course more dangerous. However, the blue eye is still its weakness.

  1. Strider

Strider is one of your first enemies when starting Horizon Zero Dawn. It is designed based on Tiger, an intrepid primitive animal. The weakness of Strider is a yellow point at its back. When players attack to this yellow point, it will explode and Strider will die. But players should keep distance with Strider for attack it easier.

  1. Grazer

Grazer is modeled from giant caribou so it is herbivorous animal and quite good-natured. Decimating Grazer is quite simple. You should attack to its legs when fight with it.

  1. Scrapper

Scrapper is one of the dangerous creatures in Horizon Zero Dawn. It is equipped laser gun on back and a saw blade at mouth. Players have to vigilant and wear out much power when fighting with Scrapper. Gamer will have to ward off its attack ad pay attention to counter- attack to its back and its rear legs. Or player can use hardpoint to weaken it from a distance.

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