Hellblade: Game with the paranoid protagonist

Hellblade does not follow the motif of the world rescue hero as we mistakenly.

Up until the time of the E3 2015, game publishers/developments are racing to introduce their products, and Ninja Theory is the newest of them with the first gameplay clip for Hellblade – Action game introduced in January this year.

Hellblade takes the player on the journey of Senua, who is portrayed as a Celtic warrior suffering psychological damage after experiencing a Viking invasion. Senua’s illness causes her to suffer from depression, paranoia, frequent visualizations of bizarre things, and begins to embark on a journey to hell in her imagination. A rather new way to lead the hero not rescue the world as many people mistaken after tracking the first trailer of Hellblade.

Ninja Theory revealed that they had sought the help of Ph.D. neuroscientist and physiotherapist Paul Fletcher of Cambridge University and many patients with mental illnesses so that they could learn more about the subject. As well as give the player the most authentic experience. Hellblade is also sponsored by the Welcome Trust, a global charity dedicated to the widespread dissemination of knowledge about health and science.

The latest product of Ninja Theory – Devil May Cry is also a game that mentions hallucinogenic and paranoid elements through Virility drink – drink that make the city easy to submit Limbo City devil. The Ninja Theory development team has been inspired to build Hellblade.

About gameplay, Hellblade is quite different from previous Ninja Theory productions such as Enslaved or the Heavenly Sword, which uses the same horizontal perspective as regular shooters. Just a few short seconds in the clip, it’s hard to comment on the Hellblade’s combat mechanism, which seems to depend on dodging and counter attacks like the Dark Souls?

Hellblade is expected to be released in 2016 but is not yet known on which systems.

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