Gravity Rush 2- A great low price actiongame for PS4

Gravity Rush 2 is quite similar to the previous version. Part 2 retains old storytelling as well as gameplay mechanics, which focuses primarily on controlling gravity on the platforms around Kat or inflicting on enemies.

Even the narrative style has no different on Vita, with comic style illustrations and text inside the dialog boxes, but the tone is somewhat lighter. The game seems not being invested much and not aiming to succeed as a mainstream game so this can have a profound effect on the creativity of the game.

But Gravity Rush 2 still has interesting and attractive gameplay. The introduction of the short demo takes the player to the tutorial on how Kat’s “bending gravity” works, and then you see the characters fly from roof to roof to evict to a bird. Everything is intact, nothing to lose when switching from Vita to the big screen of the console, and the cel-shade graphics style is quite impressive at higher resolutions.

Although the basic element of the game remains the same, Kat also brings Gravity Rush 2 with some new gravity modes named after Venus and the Moon. Jupiter is heavier gravity, and Lunar is the opposite, which means that everything becomes dangling. Both new skills not only affect movement in the game, but also in battle. Lunar will make you faster, and Jupiter’s gravity boost will help Kat’s charge more powerful.

Players can return to normal status Kat at any time, but switching between new skills will obviously become a key element in Gravity Rush 2’s combat system. You can switch between two gravity modes by swiping up or down on the touch pad of the PS4 handgrip, or click to bring the Kat back to normal. Our protagonist also begins with all the skills at the beginning and extends further from here. Kat can equip “jade” and get some effect but in return will suffer certain disadvantages.

If you played Gravity Rush on Vita, you may still remember the simplicity of the battle system of the game. Part two resolves this problem subtly. Just one more, two simple little elements have made the game change dramatically.

Not just a change from Vita’s modest box to the larger PlayStation 4 casing, Gravity Rush 2 is equally great. The gaming world is a lot better, higher resolution, and wider. All of this is good for the game.


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