Gamer built mansion to store game machines

The old house was not big enough to store a collection of game machines, the Japanese couple built a large mansion to satisfy their hobby.

Kagura, 39, is a typical otaku (an oddball) in Japan. He is particularly passionate about games and cartoons. Not just seeing them as hobbies, he sees it as his purpose of life. Kagura and his wife built a large mansion to store their gaming equipment and movie discs.
Previously Kagura was the owner of a cartoon rental shop. After a hobby of gaming, he opened a game rental shop. For him, working hard just to serve the main purpose is to satisfy more gaming. He is also the owner of a popular gaming website in the Japanese community.


Over the years, he has played a lot of games, seen a lot of cartoons, comic books and felt unable to throw anything away. Not only the gaming machine, but also the speakers are built around the house so that gamers can listen to music from their favorite games. CRT TVs have been gradually upgraded to LCDs, however, some are still retained because of compatibility with older consoles.
Kagura’s favorite game series is Final Fantasy, even though he has twelve different accounts. For each character, the gamer controls a different hand, a different screen, and a different PlayStation.
To differentiate, he created his own control system. Each handle is placed in a certain position and has a characteristic color, so that Kagura knows what game he is playing.
For more money to buy game machines, game disks, and cartoons, Kagura does not smoke and does not drink alcohol. Everyday, he also goes to the supermarket to buy cheap things. Entertainment needs also limit themselves to maximum savings.
In the past, he had the opportunity to advance in the work. But because the new job will have to limit gaming, Kagura has resolutely refused.
The 2.5-floors mansion (to reduce the cost and construction taxes) is large, but it’s packed with too many cabinets for game, movie and storyboard. Luckily with management experience, he knows how to arrange science so he can find what he needs right away.
The mansion is so much equipment and quite messy that he had to make his own electrical system with central control area. Switches have labels to distinguish. The monthly electricity consumption of the family is usually three to four times normal. Each month this gamer has to pay a lot of electricity.
The electrical system is also specially designed to avoid sudden power outages that affect the durability of dozens of devices. The complex line of PC series is hidden behind the pull door to enhance the aesthetics.
Like a game fanatic, Kagura spent six years designing and building a mansion that would perfectly suit his own needs.
However, in order to function properly, Kagura especially needs the support of his wife.
His wife also works in the animation industry and is involved in game rental management. After marriage, this couple has an agreement not to interfere with each other’s preferences. That is the first floor of the mansion is used to store games, while the second floor is a library of comics and toys.
When both of them go to work, the wife will drive, and her husband will just sit in the side seat to play game. If have no a schedule for an important game event, Kagura agrees to listen to his wife. However, any game has a critical event, or any manufacturer releases a new game, he will retire from everything to play the game. At that time, his wife will have to support unconditionally.

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