Fugl -The unique simulation game for the “bird lovers” is coming to PC

Fugl is described as a free flying game, allowing you to explore the “wild and mysterious beauty of the world” in the air at your own pace. The world in game promises to provide a large and unique playground with various areas for players to explore and built entirely by meticulously algorithmic. Places where you can cruise as a bird include tropical beaches, jungles, snow-capped mountains and endless deserts.

In addition, each environment has a unique habitat for diverse wildlife with hundreds of animals (including mythical creatures) that you can find in the sky. Taking time to learn about the other animals will give your bird the ability to change the look and characteristics of hovercraft inspired by them.

Finally, you can bring the diversity and vitality to the world of Fugl with your own creative ideas through Level Editor feature and bird customization.

In general, with the possession of unique play style, Fugl’s style of graphics is also different with the three-dimensional pixels quite like Minecraft.

Fugl is currently in the Alpha development phase, so new feature sets and updates and improved performance based on player feedback will continue to appear.

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